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Ilmington Parish Council is seeking suitably experienced organisations or individuals to submit priced tenders for the following services:


Mowing of Grassed Areas under the Council’s Control

These comprise mainly Ilmington Playing Fields including the area of the Children’s Playground, Lower Green and Upper Green. Sports and play surfaces are currently planned to be mowed up to twenty times in a season and the remaining areas four times in a season. The contract is intended to run over three years.   Suitable candidates are likely to be professional landscape or agricultural contractors or similar with expertise in the operation and access to professional grade mowing equipment.


Repair and Refurbishment of Benches Sited around the Village

The Council is the owner of eleven benches distributed around the village which require attention. This mainly entails cleaning/rubbing down and re-coating with suitable preservative coating but in some cases minor woodworking or metal work repairs are required.  In a small number of cases the area surrounding the bench needs clearing back and moss growth removed.  Nine of the benches are hardwood and two are metal. 

An individual with general handyman skills should be capable of undertaking the work.  All work is required to be completed within a six month period but can be phased to suit other work demands.  It can be carried out in-situ or the benches removed to a workshop at the contractor’s discretion.

 Interested parties for either or both of the above opportunities should register their interest by writing or e-mailing the Council’s Clerk accordingly at the addresses noted below.  It would be helpful if a short statement of relevant experience was included. Tender documents are planned to be made available at the end of September 2017.  Click here to download this flyer.


Deadline for Tender Submissions is 15th September 2017


Sarah Furniss, Ilmington Parish Clerk

29 Vincent Avenue, Stratford upon Avon, CV37 6SR
T: 01789 295 827    M: 07786 938 072   E:



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Sarah Furniss
29 Vincent Avenue, Stratford on Avon CV37 6SR
T: 01789 295827
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